Connect Microsoft Teams to the public network (PSTN)

Get it all done in minutes, not months

It's that simple

Once you have signed up with us, you only need to log in to our online platform, connect your Microsoft account, and select the users you want to connect to the public network. This is all done online with a simple and easy to use a step-by-step wizard.

We will automatically configure your Microsoft Tenant and the selected users and will send you an email when it’s all done. Then, Microsoft might take up to 24h to enable the voice service to your users on their end.

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In order to connect a Microsoft Teams user to the public network so he can make and receive external calls, Microsoft requires this user to have the Phone System license, which is already included in the Microsoft E5 license and can be purchased as an add-on of the Office 365 (F3, E1, E3, A1 o A3) and Microsoft 365 (Basic, Standard, Premium, E3 o A3) licenses from the Microsoft Admin page. Note that only the users who will be connected to the public network will need the Phone System license.

To connect your Microsoft account with us, you will need to use a global admin user to give our platform the necessary permissions to configure your tenant and users automatically. This is done via OAuth (secure authentication) and we won’t have access to your credentials at any moment.

This is all you need!
You will NOT need virtual servers, SBCs, etc...

it only takes a few minutes

Do it all in our online platform

Step 1<br>Connect your Microsoft account

Step 1
Connect your Microsoft account

From our online platform, connect your Microsoft Account using a secured OAuth login. We will NOT ask you to send us your credentials

Step 2<br>Select your users

Step 2
Select your users

Select which users from your Microsoft Account you want to connect to the public network

Step 3<br>Assign them a phone number

Step 3
Assign them a phone number

Get local phone numbers from 50+ countries and assign them to your users. Each user can have an individual phone number or they can share the same phone number using different extensions. This is the phone number people will see when your user call somebody

IVR For Teams

IVR For Teams

Power up your incoming calls

If you also want to add an IVR to your incoming calls, you can also do it on our online platform. Simply create your IVR using our powerful IVR Visual Studio tool and route your phone number to it.

Use your own carrier, PBX or contact center

Use your own carrier, PBX or contact center

We adapt to your needs, not the other way around

If you already have a PBX/contact center system and/or have a long-term contract with a carrier, we can definitely connect our system to use your PBX/contact center and carrier. In that case, one of our experts will contact your technical team to make all the necessary connections.


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