What is Direct Routing?

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If you’ve been looking for a solution to connect your Microsoft Teams to the public network (PSTN), you probably came across the term “Direct Routing”. We are going to explain what is it and why you should not worry about it.

First things first

First of all, we all know that, by default, we can easily call our colleagues that are also in Teams, however, we can't call a regular phone number, like a client's office or a supplier's mobile phone.

This is because, by default, Microsoft Teams is not connected to the Public Telephony Network (or "PSTN") so we are limited to call only people within our own organization.

Wouldn't be great if we could make and receive regular phone calls within Teams? Well, turns out we can!

Direct Routing

Direct Routing is the technology approved by Microsoft to connect Microsoft Teams to the public network (PSTN), so people can make and receive regular phone calls within Teams.

Awesome, right!?

The downside is that implementing this technology on your own is often extremely complex, costly (hundreds of thousands of dollars) and requires a telecom operator.

But wait! There's a solution!

Luckily, your business can use Direct Routing as a service with Plug2Teams, have it all setup in minutes, with zero complexity, zero servers, and zero upfront investment.


Sign up today, configure your users and transform Microsoft Teams in the only phone your staff will need.


Teams as a phone

Transform Microsoft Teams in a modern, cloud-based phone where you can receive calls and call anyone in in the world.


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