Teams as your day-to-day phone

Make and receive calls on Microsoft Teams

Once you sign up with us, you will go through a step-by-step wizard where we will check all the requirements and will guide you if anything is missing. Once it's all good, the wizard will automatically configure your Microsoft account to enable the phone service for your selected users. Here's what you will need:

1 – A "Phone System" license

Microsoft requires the users who will have the phone capabilities enabled to have the "Phone System" add-on license.

This license is already included in the "Office 365 E5" and "Office A5", and can be purchased as an add-on of other licenses, like the Office 365 (F3, E1, E3, A1 o A3) and Microsoft 365 (Basic, Standard, Premium, E3 o A3).

That means, your users should either:
- Have the "Office 365 E5" or "Office 365 A5" license OR;
- Have another license (eg. "Office 365 E1" or “Microsoft 365 Business Basic”) and the "Phone System" add-on

You can manage your existing Phone System licenses or purchase new ones using this link in your Microsoft Admin page.

2 – Two extra "Microsoft 365 Business Basic" licenses available

Your Microsoft account must have at least 2 available Microsoft 365 (Basic, Standard, Premium, E3, A3) OR Office 365 (F3, E1, E3, A1, A3). These licenses will be assigned to the system users we will create which will self-manage the service. We recommend having 2 “Microsoft 365 Business Basic” license available since it’s the cheapest one.

You can manage your existing “Microsoft 365 Business Basic” licenses or purchase new ones using this link in your Microsoft Admin page.

3 – Admin access

In the first step of our online wizard, you will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. Your user must have global admin permission and this will give our platform the necessary rights to configure your Microsoft tenant and users automatically. This is done via secure authentication and we won’t have access to your credentials at any moment nor to any personal information from any of your users. If you have any question about this, please contact us.

If your user is not a global admin, please contact your system administrator.


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