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VAT Excluded. A “user” is a Microsoft Teams user with the phone enabled and connected to the public network. If your Microsoft account has 100 users but only 5 of them need to make and/or receive call, you would pay only for these 5 users. 

Local phone numbers

Use your existing businesses phone numbers: FREE portability.
Please contact us and inquire us about the monthly fee for your specific phone numbers.

Get new phone numbers from 70+ countries: Please sign up and check the price for specific countries and cities in the “Phone numbers” section.

Incoming calls

All incoming calls are FREE of charge.

Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls are charged per minute based on the destination number only, regardless of where the user making the call is located.
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Calling plans

Each user has specific needs, some need to call a lot while others, not so much. Some will mostly call locally while others will call internationally. Whatever the case is, you can save some bucks assigning specific calling plans to each user individually.

By default, the outgoing calls made by your users are charged per minute, however, you can add calling plans to each user individually to lock-in more minutes for a cheaper fixed-price rate. For example, if John will make a lot of calls to the US and Canada, you might want to add a calling plan with unlimited minutes to these countries for a cheapest price.

Please contact us to know about our calling plans or to customize a calling plan specifically for your needs.

Custom connectivity

If you have specific needs, we adapt to it your architecture is. One of our engineers will get in contact with you to better know your infrastructure and will make all the necessary configurations accordingly.

Connect Microsoft Teams to your existing PBX or Contact Center

Setup fee: FREE
Monthly fee: FREE

Route calls through your existing carrier

Setup fee: FREE
Monthly fee: FREE


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