Keep my existing PBX

We adapt to your business needs, not the other way around.

Teams and your PBX, together

Connect Microsoft Teams to your existing PBX so your Teams users and your PBX extensions can call and transfer calls to each other seamlessly, as if they were on the same platform.

Connect Teams to my PBX

In some specific cases, you might want to want to keep using your existing PBX or Contact Center platform due to long-term contracts, existing sophisticated reporting tools, etc.

In such cases, we will connect your Teams users to your existing platform and, when your Team users make or receive calls, these calls go through it.

Whatever your business needs are, we adapt to it, not the other way around.

  • Custom solutions
  • Keep long-term contracts
  • Use your existing reporting tools
Connect Teams to my PBX

Keep your long-term contracts

Businesses with offices worldwide and ongoing long-term contracts with the local carrier in each country might want to keep their existing PBX/Contact Center platform with all calls going through this carrier to avoid penalty fees on changing carriers.


Use your own reporting tools

If your business already has sophisticated reporting tools which are fed with the data of your own platform, we can route all calls through it so you won’t have to change your reports.

<br><br><br><br>Use your own reporting tools

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