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Modern cloud-based phone by Microsoft

Enable a phone in Microsoft Teams

The phone capability in Microsoft Teams is not something Microsoft offers right out-of-the-box, so you most likely will need a telecom provider, like Plug2Teams, to enable and configure this feature for you. Once we enable the phone on Teams, your staff will be able to make and receive regular phone calls to/from any phone number in the world, just like their day-to-day phone, and with some serious benefits.

Basically, the first question you need to make to yourself is if you need to keep your existing PBX/Contact Center or not.

Eliminate my existing PBX

Save costs, eliminate your PBX and transform Microsoft Teams in a modern cloud-based PBX.

Keep my existing PBX

Connect Microsoft Teams to your existing PBX so your Teams users and your PBX extensions can call and transfer calls to each other seamlessly, as if they were on the same platform.

Select Microsoft users

First of all, once you login to our platform and follow the step-by-step wizard to connect it with your Microsoft Account, you will select which of your Microsoft users you want to enable the phone on Teams.

We charge a monthly subscription per user selected, see pricing.

Choose a phone number

Choose a phone number

Each Teams user you select will have a phone number. It could be their current business number or you can choose a new one from more than 70 countries during the wizard.

When someone call this number, the call will ring in the user's Microsoft Teams, and when the user makes a call, this is the number the other person will see.


Receive incoming calls

When someone call one of your business numbers, we will route the call to the user's Teams and he/she can pick it up on any device where Teams is installed (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). Once answered, the call can be transferred to any other Teams user.

Forget about remembering extension numbers, calls and transfers are made using people’s names.

Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls

Teams users with the phone enabled will have a new “Calls” menu with a dial pad where they can call any regular phone number in the world. The person they are calling will see their phone number as their CallerID and can return the call.

Outgoing calls are charged per minute based on the destination number only, regardless where the user making the call is located. In other words, the concept of "roaming” does not exist and when a user located in Australia and a user located in United States make a call to a phone number in New York, the same call rate will apply.


Transfer calls and make conferences

All incoming and outgoing calls from/to regular phone numbers work exactly as if they were a call between 2 Teams users within your organization. You can transfer the call or add people to it to start a conference. It works with other Teams users within your organization and with a regular phone number from a client or supplier.

That gives your staff a very powerful and unified phone system where you can make, receive, transfer, and make conference calls with anyone in the world regardless if they are in your organization or not.

it only takes a few minutes

Do it all in our online platform

Step 1<br>Connect your Microsoft account

Step 1
Connect your Microsoft account

From our online platform, connect your Microsoft Account

Step 2<br>Select your users

Step 2
Select your users

Select which users from your Microsoft Account you want to enable the phone

Step 3<br>Assign them a phone number

Step 3
Assign them a phone number

Use their current business number or get a new one from 70+ countries

frequently asked questions


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Yes. The phone system in Microsoft Teams is not enabled by default and you will need a telecom provider, like us, to enable it and connect your Teams to the public network (PSTN) so you can make and receive calls to/from any phone number in the world using Teams.

Signup for an account with us and go through your configuration wizard to enable the service. You can find the necessary requirements here and pricing here.

Yes. Once we setup your Microsoft account and enable the phone system to your selected users, we can route your business calls to Teams so your users can answer it in Teams. It works on any device where Teams is installed (desktop, mobile and tablet).
Direct Routing is a certified technology by Microsoft to connect your Microsoft Teams to the public network (PSTN) so your team can make and receive calls on Teams. Read more about it here.

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