Eliminate my existing PBX

The future of unified communications

Bye-bye PBX. Hello Teams

Save costs, eliminate your PBX and transform Microsoft Teams into a modern cloud-based PBX.

Microsoft Teams as your PBX

This is the recommended solution for most businesses because it eliminates the costs and complexities of maintaining a legacy and costly PBX, right away, from day-one.

Plug2Teams will be your global carrier and Microsoft Teams will be your modern, powerful and cloud-based PBX.

  • Unified communications
  • Modern cloud-based phone
  • Cost-effective
Microsoft Teams as your PBX

Unified communications

The same platform for everything

If your staff already use Teams to easily call each other, why would they use a different phone to call clients and suppliers?

Unify your communications, get rid of legacy and costly systems, and transform Teams into your only communication platform for internal and external calls.


Modern cloud-based
Phone System

Your business email, your files, your calendar, your meetings and pretty much all your day-to-day working tools are cloud services, why is your phone system not the same?

It’s time to update your phone system and use it as a global service

  • Cloud-based
  • Autoscaling
  • Built-in redundancy
  • No hardware
  • No virtual machines
  • No infrastructure
Modern cloud-based<br>Phone System

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